Welcome to FIABCI-Canada

FIABCI is the worldwide network open to all professionals involved in the property industry. Chapters currently operate in 56 countries with over 4,200 individual members, including 117 national associations and offering you over one million contacts!

To provide real estate professionals throughout the world with an effective means of communication to enable them to share their knowledge and experience with each other and with the international community in order to provide society with the optimal solution to its property needs.

FIABCI provides contacts (both personel and business). Its members also have access to information on real estate markets the world over, about real estate and fiscal legislation, and about professional practice. Finally, members acquire knowledge about techniques to make their business more efficient and profitable and to understand other cultures.

FIABCI is the forum for all actors of real estate across the world. FIABCI is a team of experts whose talents cover every stage of the property life cycle .

FIABCI is comprised of :
  • Mappers who locate land plots
  • Town planners who consult
  • Consultants who assess property value
  • Valuers who estimate market value
  • Financiers who provide necessary funding
  • Developers who make sure the projects are built
  • Agents to find occupants
  • Managers to optimise investment
  • Bankers who provide funding
  • Insurers who advise and provide protection
  • Interior designers who decorate

Membership Categories in the Canadian Chapter

  • Principal Members: Associations of individuals and/or companies practicing a real estate profession, or providing services to, or associated with, the real estate professions
  • Regular Members: Individuals or companies practicing a real estate profession
  • Academic Members: Academic institutions and Associations whose curricula include subjects related to real property matters with Canadian or International content.
  • Public Sector Members: National, regional and local government bodies and public agencies
  • Student members: Any person under the age of 25 who is completing his or her full-time education and Young Members: professional individuals with a maximum age of 35
Join leading professional associations, academic institutions, and individuals from all sectors of the real estate industry
With membership in over 60 countries worldwide, FIABCI members are part of the premier real estate association in the world.

FIABCI is the ONLY truly international real estate federation using five official languages, where members can be sure to communicate in their own language:
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Japanese
  • Spanish
Simultaneous translation is often provided in all 5 languages at all World Congress and Board and Committee Meetings.

The FIABCI Press newsletter is published in four of these five languages:
English, French, German and Spanish

Join FIABCI, travel the world and make money along the way.

The Canadian Chapter of FIABCI, the International Real Estate Federation is a proponent of higher and further education within the real estate profession.

In November 2014, to realize this objective, FIABCI-Canada partnered with Academic Member, the Real Estate Institute of Canada (REIC) to be its provider of internationally recognized designation courses.

REIC will also be granted the ability to deliver courses for the distinguished FIABCI International Real Estate Consultant (FIREC) designation which is recognized worldwide by all real estate professions.

The Real Estate Institute of Canada (REIC) is a leading provider of advanced education and designation programs for real estate industry professionals in Canada. Dedicated to the highest professional and ethical standards, REIC has been educating and certifying specialists since 1955.

REIC members are highly trained real estate industry professionals bound by the Institute's Code of Professional Standards. To be a designated Member, an individual must meet our rigorous admissions, education and practical experience requirements and maintain membership with REIC.

The Real Estate Institute of Canada's objective is to advance professionalism in the real estate industry.

The Real Estate Institute of Canada's vision is to be an organization
leveraging our diverse expertise to benefit all stakeholders.

Its Core Values:
  • The value of high ethical standards;
  • The benefit of experience;
  • The power of knowledge and the importance of sharing it;
  • The strength of our diverse professional community.
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Why should a Real Estate Professional become a member of FIABCI?

Instant Access to a Global Network. With more than 3300 members in over 60 countries in the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia Pacific, FIABCI is the only truly global real estate organization. It offers perfect occasions to find business opportunities around the world.

Opportunities to network at local, national and international meetings

Exclusive international meetings provide unique occasions to market and promote your business. Some recent major destinations included World Congresses in Moscow, Andorra,  Kuala Lumpur, Luxembourg, Dubai, Bejing andTaiwan with a recent European Congress in Riga (Estonia), America’s Congress in Mexico, Panama and U.S. and Asia-Pacific Congress - Singapore, Hawaii plus International December Business Meetings – Bali, Lisbon, Brussels, Dublin, Washington and USA Chapter meetings in New York City, Chicago & San Francisco. The Canadian Chapter has held meetings in Whistler, Vancouver, Montreal, Ottawa, Calgary, Winnipeg, Toronto, Mississauga, Burlington and Oakville.

Many of our members report doing a high proportion of their overseas business through networking at these types of FIABCI events.

To view upcoming international events go to: www.fiabci.org

Promotional tools

The prestigious FIABCI name and logo is used by our members on marketing and advertising materials to demonstrate to clients, business partners and suppliers that they are part of an influential and highly esteemed real estate network.

Our members will confirm that this helps to reinforce their reputation and credibility on an international level.

Marketing your services using technological tools

As a member with your own password, you can access the Members’ Only section of the International FIABCI web site at www.fiabci.org. You can network with others with mutual interests in specific property types, i.e., investment, residential, hospitality, land, recreational, shopping plazas etc by using the FIABCI APP facility.,

In 2021 the FIABCI App based using the web based  Bundeling ®️innovative platform was launched for use on computers, laptops or tablets. Each chapter member is provided with a link and one time personal identification code to initially access the App. Data is encrypted for security and safety. The App allows members to directly access the FIABCI international network. It features Activities such as News, Webinars, World Congress & Event Registrations etc., Member Profiles, My Connections, Inbox, My customers, Bulletin Board, Surveys, Chat, Library’ & Social Media. 

Connect & Communicate

The more high-trust relationships you have with AGENTS outside your local marketplace, the more REFERRAL opportunities you create and the more referral INCOME you generate.

Resources in the Canadian Chapter

Secretary-General Seyfi Tomar and your Board of Directors are able to provide you with advice in promoting your services at the international level. Attending the next World Congress in May 2023  in MIAMI or other FIABCI international events both in the Americas Region and worldwide would be steps in the process of creating a key network of contacts in all the various disciplines of the real estate industry. Being a member of FIABCI through the Canadian Chapter and having access to the world market place will give you a competitive edge and credibility with your client base.

Wide reach of disciplines within the Real Estate Business

While the world grows smaller every day, the diversity of our FIABCI network continues to expand.

FIABCI through its World Councils brings together professionals of all fields within real estate; brokers, lawyers, appraisers, financiers, architects, developers, investors… enabling members to broaden their horizons beyond their everyday business.

Marketing and publicity

Members are listed annually (published each May) in the World Directory, distributed to all members worldwide, and on both the international and chapter websites including email and website links, raising the visibility of our members’ companies and services to thousands of potential clients who visit the site each week.

As a member you are listed by name, location, and expertise on the searchable databases of www.fiabci.org.

You can use the Members’ Only section of www.fiabci.org to connect you to members in 65 countries.

Receive discount registration opportunities for national and international meetings

An opportunity to attend the annual FIABCI World Congress in a different country each year.

Enrol in specialist international educational and designation programmes.

Participate in WEBINARS (see below list of some recent on-line interactive sessions)

Join Trade Missions to learn about other real estate markets and practices.

Attend International marketing forums and sessions within the Americas, Asia-Pacific and European regions. Participation in MIPIM, MAPIC, Expo Real, Cityscape and international trade shows.


Hosted through an initiative by the

FIABCI World Council of Brokers

"What Are Chinese Investors Looking For?"

Danielle Grossenbacher and Simon Henry, Co-Founder of Juwai.com and Brown Harris Stevens Licensee shared with us their experience and knowledge working with Chinese Real Estate Investors as well as where and what type of real estate they are looking for.

"How to Use PROXIO and Social Media for Networking Worldwide!"

 Proxio CEO Janet Casel shared with us Proxio's valuableSocial Media Tools which will enable members to market properties throughout the world. Special emphasis will be focused on Facebook.

"iPad Tips, Tricks, Short-Cuts and Time Saving Apps"

We discussed some of the latest iPad tips, tricks, short-cuts and time saving apps for today's real estate professional. Most apps discussed during the Webinar were be applicable to both the iPad and Android operating systems. Learning some new ways to use your tablet computer to save time and become more profitable. Webinar conducted by FIABCI's John Mayfield: The Business Tech Guy.

"Tips, Tricks and Hacks: Using Linked-In to Grow Your Real Estate Business Internationally"

During this Webinar, the Linked-In Rock stars Lori Ruff and Michael O'Neilwillshare some very important networking ideas for using Linked-In to build an international following.

"The Key Trends - Impacting Real Estate 2014-2018!"

During this Webinar, New York Times Bestselling author and author of the annual Swanepoel TRENDS Report, Stefan Swanepoel, shared with us his latest research on the most important innovations, trends and business models that has, and will, shape the real estate business, and home buying transactions over the coming years.

Capturing & Converting Cross Border Referrals

What you have ever wanted to know some of the pitfalls and issues to avoid regarding cross border referrals. Erin Koops, Vice President of Network Services for Leading Real Estate Companies of the World® ("LeadingRE"), shared some exciting tips and knowledge with us on "Capturing and Converting Cross Border Referrals." Erin Koops manages the broker-to-broker referral program as well as member education for all core LeadingRE programs and services. She also serves as the liaison for LeadingRE’s Relocation Advisory Council.

Regional Marketing Webinar: Focus on New York & Vancouver Opportunities

A "NEW" Webinar concept for FIABCI and the FIABCI World Council of Brokers, with focus on specific regions and explore what is happening in these regions with regards to real estate. This first Regional Webinar focussed on New York City and Vancouver, Canada. Our co-hosts were Danielle Grossenbacher of Brown, Harris, Stevens and Cal Lindberg of Angell Hasman & Associates, West Vancouver.

Hosted through an initiative by the

FIABCI World Council of Managers

"Latest Trends in Property Managementin the US & Netherlands"

World Council of Managers Vice-President Leslie Becker and FIABCI Member Eric Noordam discussed the latest trends in property management in the United States and within the Netherlands.



A Unique Global Network

Participate in national and international events, share best practice and make the contacts that count. Enjoy a consistently high quality of professional relationship, strengthened by all members agreeing to respect the FIABCI code on becoming a member.


Use the FIABCI website to benefit from exclusive member services online and regularly updated membership and professional information. Information on worlwide events, instant access to the members' database - find out more by visiting us today on www.fiabci.org!

The Who's Who of Real Estate

Locate new contacts and publicize your business and areas of special expertise in the annual FIABCI International Member' Directory. Free to members and containing full professional details of all FIABCI members, this really is the Who's Who of Real Estate. Can you afford not to be in it?

A Finger on the Real Estate Pulse

 Keep abreast of global real estate news and developments with FIABCI Press, the FREE news bulletin published in 4 languages.  Ask for your free sample FIABCI Press today by simply contacting us on info@fiabci.com specifying your preference of English, French, German or Spanish and including your full name, company name and postal address.


 A free copy of the annual FIABCI Directory.

 Your name free in the Directory, distributed to our 6000 members world wide.

 Receive regular newsletters and the highly regarded  FIABCI Press distributed free to all members, in four official languages


The right to attend the annual World Congress.

 The right to attend the Regional Conferences in Europe, the Americas & Asia.

 The right to attend the Asia-Pacific Congress

 The right to attend the December business meetings,

 Participation in all National Chapter activities

 Possibility of free participation at the International Contact Center at MIPIM.


 The privilege of belonging to the only truly International forum for real estate, an organization representing the World's real estate professions through its Category II consultative status at the United Nations.

Participate on FIABCl's own Professional and Educational exchange program, which can give you professional experience in other countries.

 The right to participate in Committees activities

 The right to run for office in the Committees and the Board.

 The right to use the FIABCI logo on your letterhead

 Participate or sponsor a candidate for the prestigious FIABCI Prix d'Excellence - the "Oscar of World Real Estate".

 Link your Internet Homepage to FIABCI's.

As Delegate of a Principal. Academic or Public Sector Member, you are invited to participate on the Advisory Council which meets every year at the World Congress: a prime opportunity to network with real estate leaders throughout the world.

FIABCI has many member organizations around the world such as NAR (National Association of Realtors) & AREAA ( Asian Real Estate Association of America).

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